Maximize PreSale  Shopping  

 PreSales   on Wednesdays   
3:00 pm = 2+ team member slots or more
4:00 pm = 1 team member slot   
5:00  pm = Sellers and  1 Guest
7:00 pm = Public VIP $5 passes sold
ONLINE  or at the door until we hit 200!
8:00 pm = New Moms /GrandParents , 
Heroes  (  Police,  Fire, Military   & Teachers),
Foster Parents


  • Can you help?  Seriously, it is great meeting all of you!  Please consider becoming a team member and help make this event the best in the Upstate!  


Grab the deals!

Plan on shopping for the night!  Hint- Bring a car big enough for all of your purchases!!! You must be a seller, volunteer or have a VIP pass to get into the pre-sales on Wednesday nights.

Shop with FOCUS!

Kids MUST remain with their parents at ALL times. Babies and kids can come, but be aware that it is crowded and there are a LOT of adult shoppers hurrying to get items they want.

Come Early

There are lines to get into the sale, so grab a book and join other great shoppers while you wait for the door to open!  Many sellers come relax, socialize or read a book so they can be among the first to get the great deals.  Take this time to meet someone new!  You cannot hold a spot in line, you MUST be present.  

Make a List

Before shopping, it helps to take inventory of what your needs are.  You will always find lots of items to buy, but make sure you remember the items they need too!  FAV tip: mark on the measuring tape their measurements and tracings of your kid's foot!!

Bring a basket/bag to shop

We do have big blue bags to shop with.  However, feel free to bring a laundry basket clearly marked with your name, a rolling laundry basket or a big bag of your own to shop and take your deals home. 

Choose Carefully!

Please be considerate of everyone and only pull items off the rack you are seriously considering purchasing.  If you change your mind, please put it back as quickly as possible so others have a chance to purchase it!  We want it all to SELL!!! Pretty, pretty please put the items back in the right size!

Check and Recheck

Although we inspect items before they go on the sale floor, we miss things.  Most items are non-returnable, so make sure you inspect your items before purchasing.  If you do find something we missed, please bring it to an Upstate Kids staff or volunteer. 

Cash, Debit & Credit Cards

Cash always works, but we do like our cards!  Debit cards transactions are free, but there is a $1 fee to use credit cards.  Consider bringing a small wrist bag or sling and leave that big handbag at home. 

We will go as fast as we can!

There will be hundreds of shoppers, and we prepare the best we can to handle whatever crowds may come our way. But I can't predict the turnout, so we will always just do the best we can!

Sold area, not hold area!

We do have a place to hold big items or when your bag gets full and you need another.  This area is only if you are 100% sure you are purchasing the items.  In order to be fair to our sellers, we need to keep all items available to sell!  You will receive one part of a two-part ticket that you will need to present when in-line to check-out.  We will bring the items to you when you are at the register.  DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKETS!!


Please let us know how we can help.  Look for an Upstate Kids pink shirt or apron and we will do our best to help.

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