Affordable Direct Advertising with Upstate Kids 

1000's of Potential Customers  *  Target Local Families


  • Upstate Kids has 4 consignment events each season with over 100,000 items for sale. 

  • The event's major demographic market is expecting families, grandparents and families with children of all ages.

  • These events will provide a great opening to sell or introduce your business with online, print, and direct sales opportunities.












Thousands of shoppers visit from:


* Anderson  * Clemson  * Central  * Easley  * Seneca  * Powdersville  * Greenville  * Hartwell  * Liberty  * Salem  *Spartanburg  * Williamston  * Abbeville  * Pickens  * Piedmont  * Greenwood   * Walhalla  * Westminster  * Pendleton  * Six Mile  * Norris


                                                         ** and as far as Georgia, North Carolina, Tenessee and Florida. 


  • With over 60 events, we have established a great shopping following with

  • 9000 followers on Facebook,

  • 8500 on our mailing list and

  • over 3,000 hits on our website per day during our event season


Contact us at www.Upstate


85% of all brand purchases are made by women declares the website,, so take a minute to find out how your company can best target these fast-paced women on the move!! Enclosed are the packages offered and together we can make the best out of this unique marketing opportunity.


Pick an opportunity for you

  • Vendor tables - limited spaces

  • Booth spaces - Anderson only

  • Promotional Distribution

  • Web Advertising


Don't miss the opportunity to reach potential new customers!


Call/text 864.710.7393 or email





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