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Let's get started!

*Need a tagger? We can tag & price for you! 

Selling deets...

*Help to shop early  🙋‍♀️ It takes a village!  Join our tribe!! 


  • Sellers keep 65%!

  • Create an account if you're NEW

  • REGISTER for a sale

  • $10 Fee is non-refundable

SCHEDULE to help 

  • 1 shift = Shop helper presale Tues @ 6p,
    & shop 1/2 price sale early Fr @ 5p.​​

  • 2 = Shop helper presale Tues @ 6p, 
    keep 70% 
    & shop 1/2 price sale Fr @ 5p.

  • 3 = Shop SUPER presale Tues @ 4p,
    keep 75% 
    & shop 1/2 price sale Fr @ 5p.

  • 4 = Shop  SUPER presale Tues @ 4p,
    keep 80%
     & shop 1/2 price sale Fr @ 5p


  • LIMIT of 400 tags per seller #



    • Sizes preemie to 18

    • ​Baby- Limit 50 for 12 mo. & under

    • ​Women's Accessories (Limit 25)

    • Maternity


      • Undergarments​ unless NEW in package

      • Location/vacation t-shirts

      • Grade school logo attire

      • Outdated clothing (< 5 years)

      • Items with too much wear or odor

      • ​​Junior/Women Clothing (Only Online)

      • Clothing in bags (including onesies)

  • TOYS

    • ​Must have batteries & be charged

    • Puzzles (suggest press & seal wrap)

      • Must be new or see ALL the pieces

    • Games- All parts must work & be present

    • Plush animals- Limit 5

      • Character or functional 


      • Not working or missing pieces

      • Bags of giveaway, free or junk toys

  • BABY ITEMS & EQUIPMENT -  Safety is important to us so please check the resources below.


      • Items missing parts or straps

      • Used bottle nipples 

      • ​​​​Car Seats > 5 years or damaged 

      • ​​Recalled or unsafe items

  • SHOES Must be in EXCELLENT condition​​

    • Women's & Men's shoes - 5 per size

  • BOOKS children & adults

    • Adults (limit 5)​

  • HOME decor, furniture & more (limit 25)


      • TV/Computer monitors​

      • Laptops

      • Cellphones

  • SUPPLIES- use recycled or free!!


TAGGING- (see what sells daily)

  • Click on MANAGE ITEMS

    • Click ADD button

    • Select  CATEGORY

    • Select SIZE

      • for baby sizes think"up to" 
        so 0 to 3m = 3m, 3 to 6m = 6mo

    • Fill in BRAND

    • Fill in DESCRIPTION & type of clothing

    • Select a PRICE 

      • Minimum price is $2

      • Price at least 50% off retail

      • Good guideline is 1/3 of retail

      • ​​Pricing varies on brand & condition

      • see Pricing Guideline for more

      • Think What would I pay?

    • DISCOUNT- Select if you want items to be marked 50% off for half-price sale

    • Select DONATE- Select to be donated to local charities. Any item left after pick up ends will be sent to donations no matter what is listed on the tag.  

TIP!! QUICK TAG (no detail)
**will NOT transfer to online sales

  • Tagging this way does not track details per item but is fast & tags can be on hand!

Example- Make 20 tags @ $3, 20 @ $4 and so on.  Then attach tags as you declutter!

  • Log-in to Account & Select Event

  • Click on MANAGE ITEMS

    • Click ADD button

    • Select  BLANK CATEGORY

    • Select a PRICE

    • Add up to 20 tags at a time  

  • You must handwrite the size if it is not printed on the tag.


***You can combine methods of tagging to fit your needs.  I personally detail items only over $10 and quick tag the lesser-priced items.   

New Seller?

Screenshot 2022-01-30 232243.png

Ready to try selling?
Once you enter your 50 items your seller registration will be refunded!! 
Click here
*First-time sellers only 


How to sell
Play Video


  • Easy selling, list items on your phone, no drop-off or pick-up appointments needed.

  • We have a success coach to help you get started!

  • Shop the deals up to 90% off. Fight inflation here! 

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Do you need a place to store or add new inventory between sales/seasons?

Check out our Inventory storage space.


  • Log-in to Account & Select event

  • Click on Manage Items 

    • Select Items to print

    • Select print tags

    • CLOTHING hanger facing like a ?

    • Attach pants to the top of the hanger 

    • Attach parts securely

    • Print on cardstock

    • Small Items - Bag & seal w/tape

    • Large Items - Place tag visibly

    • Use gift wrap tape/ saran wrap to protect paper

    • DO NOT USE sticky tape on items to prevent peeling

    • Make items secure to prevent lost tags/items


  • No appointment necessary

  • Bring your own cart/wagon to unload

  • Check-in before putting your items out

  • Allow enough time to put your items out

  • Items will be inspected after drop off



  • You DO NOT need to pick up if you want your items donated.
  • Items will be organized to the way they were dropped off for pick-up.  Half-price ends at 5p so we will be working all day during the sale to organize.
  • If you need to come early let us know at drop-off.
  • Any item left after pick up will be sent to donations no matter what is listed on the tag. 


  • Echecks will be emailed within 7 days


  • Log-In to Account & Select new sale

  • Click on item transfer

  • Select the sale you want your items transferred from

  • Select items you want to transfer

  • Click transfer

  • Category & size MUST be confirmed

  • Pictures can be added for online sale


  • The more you tell the more you sell📢 

JOIN FB or IG Seller group

  • Lots of tips & tutorials with a great community 

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