Imagine entering the kid's items you have to sell anywhere, anytime.
Keep your eyes shut...
Imagine dropping the sold items off Kurbside ALL AT ONCE.
It's possible

Upstate Kids safe marketplace aimed to make lives easier and safer.  

Registration for Sellers is OPEN.  LIMITED seller spots!!

Tuesday, JULY 7th @ 9pm  Entry System Closes

Wednesday, JULY 8th PreSales ALL DAY!! Online access codes
8:00 am Team Sellers- Those that help 2 shifts earn 80%.  Check system for schedule.
9:00 am Kurb Sellers
11:00 am VIP BUYERS- $5 presale passes

6:00 pm Heroes (Teachers, Police, Fire, Military) & Foster Families
                 FOR ACCESS CODE text hero to (864) 214-4202
7:00 pm First time Parents & Grandparents 

                 FOR ACCESS CODE text baby to (864) 214-4202
8:00 pm TEXT Friends 

                  FOR ACCESS CODE text kurb to (864) 214-4202
9:00 pm Opens to Public


Thursday, JULY 9th
Sales all Day to EVERYONE!!

Friday, JULY 10th
50% off discounted items day!!

Saturday, JULY 11th 
75% off discounted items day!!

Monday, July 13th & Tuesday, July 14th
Drop off SOLD items only with appt (made in system)


Wednesday, July 15th & Thursday, July 16th
Buyers pick-up

Monday, July 20th or before
Payments will be sent via Paypal to all sellers.  

Enough already... How do I sell?

1.  Create an account if you're a NEW seller with Upstate Kids. 

2. Register to sell with Upstate Kids July Online Event. Sellers receive 75% of sales and have NO registration fee.  There is a $25 fully-refundable deposit that is refundable after drop off quality inspection and confirmation all items sold are received.  If there is a quality or missing item issue the full sold price will be deducted from the deposit.   

3. Enter items with pictures online.  Super duper mobile friendly!! 

*Here is a quick video on how to ADD ITEMS.













*Video of How to EDIT ITEMS.




*Video of PIC TIPS to make sure your photo help sell your items!









The minimum price of all new items entered into Kurb must be $4. 

Items to collect

  • There is no total item limit.

  • Maternity, home goods & accessories do have a 25 per category limit.

  • Great ideas!!  Puzzles (pic must have put together), games (you can show all the pieces!!), DEF outdoor toys or ANY kind!

No Thank you

  • NO undergarments. 

  • NO location or local school clothing, we only accept collegiate and professional sports. 

  • NO handmade clothing. 

  • NO items missing pieces or parts. 

  • NO recalled items. 

  • NO formal gowns. 

  • NO items without labels or sizes. 

  • NO stuffed animals. 

  • NO adult bedding. 

To transfer items from another sale:

  •  Select and transfer items from the sale you had them in. 

  •  EVERY items category and size MUST be confirmed as you add pictures.  If you do not select an available category it will not show up online.

  •  Any item without a picture will not be in the online store. So this might be a great way to sort through and list only certain items.

  • Once transferred, just add a pic!  Click on the arrow to the right of the edit button located at the bottom of that screen.


4. Tell everyone!  Help us launch this event and be a part of something new.  We NEED you to help make this successful.  


5. TELL ME!  As soon as you are 100% done LMK!  If you can text me your seller number and a note you are done to 864-710-7393 and I will upload your items into the store so you can see them!!  You will be able to search by your seller number in the search bar up top.  

6. Shop like you haven't since last Fall!!  because you haven't!! 

7. Dropping off SOLD items


  • ALL of your sold items in item number order with your printed tags attached, hangers are highly suggested and your printed settlement report.

  • Make sure you select a drop off time in the system.  Drop off Kurbside in the front circle of Anderson Civic Center.   

  • You can unload items and your settlement report on the tables that are 6FT wide on the sidewalk or if you need us to unload please roll down your window and let us know.  We can unload as long as you maintain proper distancing.   

 8. Highly suggest joining our Upstate Kids Seller group.  We have lots of tips and tutorials but also it's a great community to ask questions and advice.


New ideas are exciting!!!  Thank you for plunging in and joining me. 
I have had a blast!!!!  Think you will too! -Kim