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Imagine selling items on your phone

& dropping off your sold items curbside.
It's possible NOW.

How do I sell?

1.   Create an account if you're a NEW seller.

2.  Register to sell
  *$10 registration fee
Sellers receive 65% of sales


3.  Schedule a drop off appt 

4.  Consider a Team Seller shift, Team sellers receive a higher % of sales

5.  Enter items online and add pictures


  *Taking pics (see video below)

  • Neutral background, white, beige, flooring, grass

  • Lighting outside works great

  • No printed or busy backgrounds

  • Wrinkled fabric is distracting, try a wall or paper


  • The minimum price is $3

  • Prices must be at least 50% off retail

  • Please adjust pricing before entering an unsold item

  • Do not enter the same item in more than 3 sales.  

  *Items to collect

  • Limit of 400 items per seller number

  • Maternity, home goods & accessories have a 25 per category limit

  • Great ideas - Puzzles (pic must have put together), games (you can show all the pieces), outdoor toys of ANY kind!

  *No Thank you

  • NO undergarments 

  • NO location or local school clothing, we only accept collegiate and professional sports 

  • NO handmade clothing

  • NO items missing pieces or parts

  • NO recalled items

  • NO formal gowns

  • NO items without labels or sizes

  • NO stuffed animals 

  • NO adult bedding

  • NO porcelain/glass figurines

  *To transfer items from another sale

  •  Select and transfer items from the sale you had them in. 

  •  EVERY items category and size MUST be confirmed as you add pictures.  

  •  Once transferred, just add a pic!  Click on the arrow to the right of the edit button. 

6.  TELL everyone  

The more you tell the more you sell


7.  SHOP your presale

and again & again

8.  PRINT TAG  After the sale ends!   Tags will print in item order please attach to your sold items.  As you pull the items, arrange them in alphabetical order by the three letter code on the top of the tag.  You can use plain paper.  

  • Clothing must be on hangers

  • Attach loose pieces together

  • Items must be dropped off in alphabetical order!

9.  Dropping off SOLD items

10.  Join FB or IG Seller group

We have lots of tips and tutorials but also it's a great community to ask questions and advice.

New ideas are exciting!!! 
Thank you for plunging in and joining me. 

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