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How to Print Tags!!!  

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midnight on Tues 8/6                 9/3                10/15
                         You can continue to print after this deadline, 

                           but all of your inventory must be entered.



What would you pay? 


The general guideline is 1/4 to 1/3 of the original price, however, the best rule is to ask yourself " What would I pay for this?" Remember, retail shops are now offering great deals, discounts, and sales on new merchandise.  Your pricing needs to better!  Upstate Kids wants to be known for offering great quality for a bargain price.  If your items are over-priced, Upstate Kids reserves the right to pull them from the sales floor.


Pricing also depends on

  • Size-

    • Baby clothing and accessories- Babies are given so many great things they never get to wear out!  So that means great items to buy, however, we get so much.   So price very low, mark 50% off and PLEASE donate the items to the great local charities.  

    • 3T-8yrs are our best selling sizes! 

  • Condition 

  • Brands

    • Bargain- Faded Glory, George, Jumping Beans, Wonder Kids

    • Basic - Carters, Little Me, Old Navy, Children's Place

    • Better - Gap, Gymboree, LL Bean, Lands End, Under Armour

    • Boutique - Hanna Anderson, Hartstrings, Janie & Jack, Lily Pulitzer, Matilda Jane, Mini Boden


Make sets, Package & Bundle Sell Better!


Remember -Price it to sell, not go home

We all get sentimental.  Keep the memories and keep just a few items your child will remember.  The worn out teddy bear, the Buzz Lightyear that has left marks all over your house, the doll with a "special" haircut. Sell the rest and make new memories.   


How do I tag my items

Upstate Kids utilizes an online software system, myconsignmentmanager.com, that allows you to print your own bar-coded tags from home!  The system manages all of your inventory and tracks your sales.  


New Sellers- Select Create User Account.  Fill out the information and PLEASE make sure your email is correct.  Information sent from the sale will be sent through email.  PLEASE add kim@upstatekids.com and myconsignmentmanager@myconsignmentmanager.com to your safe sender's list.  Save your username and password. 


Select a Sale- First Step is to select which sale you would like to participate in.  


All Sellers- First you must Register. Sellers that have already registered can just choose Log-In.  This step will quickly bring you to the main page.


The registration fee is $10 and we use Paypal, you can also send a check to Upstate Kids, 207 Shaftsbury Road, Clemson, SC 29631.  You can use your credit or debit card to pay with Paypal at no additional fee.  It will redirect you to your main page at Upstate Kids.



Enter Items- Most sellers like to sort by gender & size before entering items.  

  • See Pricing Guide for details & suggestions.

  • DISCOUNT-Select if you would like your items to be sold 1/2 price the last day of the sale. Sellers who do so sell more.

  • DONATE- Select if you would like any unsold items to be donated to local charities.  Any items left at the end of pick-up become the property of Upstate Kids.  Area charities are in need of baby and Maternity items so please consider donating. 

  • SIZE-Use numerical sizes for all children's clothes. If the label says medium, pick the best numerical size it represents.  For juniors, women's and maternity you need to choose S, M, L for these categories ONLY.  Use Blank Size if your items do not have a size.  

  • DESCRIPTION- try name brand, color, and type of clothing. The better the description the easier it is for our system to locate items for lost tags. CATEGORY-you can use this line for description also.

  • Power Tagger-lets you create multiple tags with the same information.

  • If your session is timed out, don't worry the tags are all saved.  You can do tagging in many sessions.

Manage Inventory-Manage your Inventory- Edit, delete, & transfer

In Manage Inventory, there are ways to edit, delete & transfer multiple items at once.  See below for complete transferring instructions.


​Print Tags

  • Use white or light colored cardstock.  No colored or textured paper, or the barcode will not work! 

  • You must use Black ink, no grey!

  • Tags are printed in Adobe Acrobat, most computers have this installed.  

    • Select individual items to be printed or check the ALL box to select all. Pick how many entries you want to show at once (8 - 240)

    • Tags print 8 to a page, so plan accordingly.

    • Click Generate Tag(s), it then tells you how many tags you chose and
      to continue, click OK.

    • The pdf has downloaded. Click to open.  If your download does
      not open, you may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.

    • You can save your pdf files to print later or print now!

  • Check to make sure your tags have printed clear lines without skipping and gaps.

  • If you having an issue please contact support@myconsignmentmanager.com or kim@upstatekids.com


Transferring Tags - The bar coded tags will transfer from one sale to another, so no re-tagging!


Quick how-to video - 


It will only take a few seconds to transfer your items from Upstate Kids Event to

  • Upstate Kids Event; without having to retag your items!! 

  • When transferring items, recheck your items to make sure your sizing is correct,
    your pricing is correct, we did not miss a stain and it is seasonally appropriate.

  • If the item has not sold in 2 sales, it is time to reprice & retag!!

To transfer an existing tag...


Double check all the information on the tag to make sure that you do not want to make changes (above). Any tag that has been altered cannot be honored at the register.  If you make changes including price, size, or description a new tag must be printed. Since the barcode is the "code" for the tag's information, anytime the information changes a new barcode needs to be generated and tag reprinted.

The transferred items are ready for drop-off and you can continue adding additional items by clicking on Enter Items.

  • Register for the sale you would like to participate in next. 

  • Log In to that sale, then select "Manage Your Inventory"

  • Click on the Item Transfers Tab.

  • Select the Event your items are transferring from.

  • Select the Event your items are going to.

  • Then on the far right of the table and choose the STATUS option: Not Sold items.

  • Click on the Refresh button on the left side and it will show only items not sold below.

  • Make sure you select enough "Show entries" to display all of the items at once.

  • Check All or select individually the items you would like to transfer.

  • Above the Refresh button, make sure you notice how many NOT SOLD items you have.

  • Click the Transfer Items Now button.

  • Look at the number of items left to transfer. Your number should be less the amount you transferred.