New Sale Improvements

Seller's Pick-up will be on Sunday 12-3pm in Anderson for Spring 2018 
(Anderson only!)
Pick up in Clemson & Seneca will still be on Saturdays 5-8.
New "purse rules"  
Now only designer handbags tagged over $5 will be allowed.  Handbags must be clean and have a retail value over $20. Items tagged over $15 will be secured to the fixture after check-in.   
Women's shoe sizes 5 & up
We have changed our allowance for the number of women's shoe sizes 5 & up to only (5) per seller number
VIP tickets will be SOLD online for VIP sales!!  7/2016
We have a link on this website to purchase VIP tickets for the Anderson sale in order to avoid overcrowding on Wednesday night. Tickets are $5 each and only 200 are available.  These are for the public and guests to buy.  Our sellers and volunteers will still be allowed into the presale without purchasing a ticket
New Limits  7/2015 
These items now have limits.
  • Juniors- Sizes 00-17 is limited to 25 pieces.  

  • Women's Clothing (only in Anderson) has a limit of 25 pieces per seller number.

Overpricing 7/2015 

Pricing needs to be within the 50-90% OFF retail price rule.  If a seller continually over prices, we will

discuss this issue with them and then if it is not resolved they will no longer be allowed to participate as a

seller with Upstate Kids.  We do not want to change the concept that shoppers can get deals at Upstate Kids.

If items are overpriced, it will prevent them from coming back.  

Your items must be 100% owned by YOU!  7/2015 
The contract now states items you bring in to sell, MUST LEGALLY BE OWNED 100% BY YOU! 
  • NO sharing seller numbers.  

  • NO items stolen or obtained illegally can be sold.

  • The seller name registered is 100% liable.