New Sale Improvements

Seller Check-in/ Item drop-off
Appointments for drop-off are no longer required. You can drop off your items anytime between times listed below.
Anderson- Monday 2pm-8pm, Tuesday 9am-8pm, NO DROP-OFF on Wednesday.
Clemson- Tuesday 2pm-8pm and Wednesday 9am-12pm
Seneca- Tuesday 2pm-8pm and Wednesday 9am-12pm
*Seller Sell-thru Percents* 

You will now be able to see your sell-thru percents in your online account. This is basically fancy wording for... being able to tell what percentage of your items sold. Sellers with a 90% or higher sell-thru percent will receive a "Drop-n-Go" pass for the next sale. This means you will drive up, unload your items, and leave!! You do not have to go thru inspection and your items will be put away by Upstate Kids team members. How awesome is this??

Sellers with low sell-thru percents will be encouraged to evaluate their items to make sure they are good quality, current styles and possibly re-tag at a more competitive price. We will work with these sellers to help evaluate why they aren't selling well and find ways to increase their sell-thru percents.


Pricing needs to be within the 50-90% OFF retail price rule. Items may be rejected at check-in due to overpricing. If a seller continually over prices, we will discuss this issue with them and then if it is not resolved they will no longer be allowed to participate as a seller with Upstate Kids.  We do not want to change the concept that shoppers can get deals at Upstate Kids Resale Events.

*Seller's Pick-up* 
Anderson Spring 2020- Sunday 11am-2pm 
Clemson & Seneca will still be on Saturdays 5-8.
Please note, the donation company arrives 15 min after pick up ends. PLEASE plan accordingly
so that ALL of your items are off the floor before they begin collecting items. We are on a strict
schedule to be out of the facility by a specific time and can not delay this process.
New Limits  
These items now have limits.


  • NO WOMAN'S clothing at any events.

  • Womens and mens shoe sizes 5 & up limited to only 5 per size

  • Housewares limited to 25 pieces

  • Adult books limited to 25

Your items must be 100% owned by YOU!  
The contract now states items you bring in to sell, MUST LEGALLY BE OWNED 100% BY YOU! 
  • NO sharing seller numbers.  

  • NO items stolen or obtained illegally can be sold.

  • The seller name registered is 100% liable.