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How do I sell?


  • ​Fee is non-refundable and non-transferable

  • Pay w/PayPal (even if you don't have account)

  • Sellers make 65% & pay Upstate Kids 35%

GRAB a TEAM SELLER shift if you can! 

  • Help to benefit your sales and shop early!
    • 1 Shift Shop presale and half-price presale   
    • 2 Shifts Shop presale, 1/2 price presale & 70% 
    • 3 Shifts Shop presale, 1/2 price presale & 75% 
    • 4 Shifts Shop presale, 1/2 price presale & 80%



  • SUPPLIES ​​​ Click for list


    • ​Items in Good to Excellent Condition

    • 400 tags per seller number

  • CLOTHING Click for list

  • TOYS- all ages!!

    • ​Toys must have batteries and charged

    • DVDs only, No VHS

    • Puzzles - >24 pcs, need to see together

    • Dolls - Must be clean, with clothes


      • ​Dirty or overly used items.

      • Items not working or missing pieces

      • Bags of giveaway or free toys

      • Stuffed animal​s

      • no swim items in fall/winter


    • Equipment, furniture & accessories


      • Broken, dirty or excessively used 

      • Items missing parts or straps

      • ​​​​Car Seats > 5 years or damaged 

      • ​​Recalled or unsafe items

  • SHOES Must be in EXCELLENT condition


    • Girls 

    • Boys 

    • Womens 

  • HOME 

    •  Decor,Furniture & more


      • ​Adult bedding

      • ​​Dirty or overly used items

      • ​Computers, Printers or Monitors

      • Out of season holiday items

      • Breakable items are sellers risk



    •  Take time to wash, treat, iron & clean

    • The better it looks, the better it will sell  

    • Have items prepared prior to tagging 


    • Hanger should be facing left, like a ?

    • Hang pants ON THE TOP ANGLE

    • Snap it, Zip it, Button it up

    • No holes or stains 

    • No pills or fuzzies

    • Multiple pieces can be sold as 1 tag

      • Put on your tag how many pieces

      • Tape the hangers together

      • Back piece can be flipped to face back


    • Toys-Must be clean, have all the pieces & work

    • Small Items- Place in bag & seal w/tape

      • Consider larger packaging 

    • Shoes need to be clean w/o scuffs

      • Tiny sizes can be placed in a bag

      • Large sizes are best cable tied together

    • Large items - Place tag in a visible location 

    • Books- attach to the top right corner

      • Use gift wrap tape to prevent tearing

      • Group similar age books together


  • Mobile friendly, TIP-use mic 🎤

  • ADD ITEMS TIP: sort by gender/size 

    • You can do tagging in many sessions​​

      • ​​​Discount - ✔ to item to be marked down for discount sales

      • ​​​Donate - ✔ to donate after sale

      • Size - Use number size for kids clothing. 
        If label says medium, pick the best size.

      • ​​Description 1st line - brand & color

      • Description 2nd line - type of item 

      • ​​Category-choose best option

  • PRICING see Pricing Guideline

    • A good guideline is 1/3 of original price

    • Remember -Price it to sell, not go home!

      • If over-priced, we reserve the right pull

      • ​​Pricing also depends on

        • Condition 

        • Brand 

        • ​Size

          • Baby - Price low

          • Best selling sizes are 2T-6


    • ​Use white or light-colored cardstock

    • You must use black ink, no grey

    • Tags are printed in Adobe Acrobat

      • Go to Manage Items

      • Pick how many entries to show

      • ✔ items to be printed or ✔ the ALL box

      • Tags print 8 to a page

      • Click Print

      • The pdf has downloaded, click to open  

      • You can save & print later or print now

      • Check tags for clear lines w/o skipping



    • Attach tags on top right or in label

    • ​Tagging guns must put in label

  • SHOES  Attach tag so shoppers can easily view

  • Fabric-use safety pin not tape

  • Use magic/gift tape to prevent paper tearing

  • Please attach pieces and parts VERY WELL 

  • Secure top of bag with tape 

  • Items >$15, secure tape over safety pin


  • NO Drop off appt. needed

  • Please unload and bring items inside.

  • Check-in & show items > $25 to front desk 

  • Put items away in proper location

  • Clothing is by seller number within size

  • Items will be inspected before sale


SHOP 🛒 your presale

  • Check the schedule above for times


  • The more you tell the more you sell 


  • Pick-up unsold items per the above schedule

  • You DO NOT have to come if you chose to donate  

  • Sales will be uploaded before pick-up

  • Pick-Up Process 

    • Bring boxes or bags to bring home unsold 

    • Items will be placed in order after sale 

    • Once you have found your items, please bring to the staff to be checked

    • ✔ lost & found area of items 

    • ✔ rejected and unaccepted items

  • Local charities come promptly at end of pick-up 


To expedite & ensure payment we use PayPal

  • Payments are sent within 5-7 business days 

    • ​Once you receive the email you can immediately deposit the funds directly into your banking account or use it in your PayPal account.

    • If you already have a PayPal account, great!  Be sure to add the email you use for our sales into your existing PayPal account

    • If you do NOT have a PayPal account go to and click on sign-up. Create a personal account, then verify the account when you receive the confirmation email in PayPal.

    • If PayPal is NOT an option for you we will mail a paper check (less a $3 processing fee) once unclaimed funds are returned.  It is a PayPal policy to return unclaimed funds 30 days of the date of the issue.

    • Questions about PayPal? Contact Paypal customer service at 888-221-1161

Join FB or IG Seller group

  • Lots of tips and tutorials with a great community to ask questions and advice

New ideas are exciting!!! 
Thank you for plunging in and joining me.

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