New Parents Guide to Consignment Sales

Shopping for a new baby is so much fun but it can also come with quite a bit of sticker shock! I found the perfect solution to this problem and it's called Upstate Kids Consignment Sale. Upstate Kids has sales twice a year (Fall and Spring) in 3 different towns. That means you have three opportunities each sale season to shop from tens of thousands of items all from local families. While the sale is an amazing place to find everything you need for babies, toddlers, kids, and teens; it can be a bit overwhelming for first time shoppers and new moms. But I'm here to help!

With so many amazing finds it's important to know what you are searching for before you arrive. This will help you not only remember everything you need, but help you stay organized in your search. A checklist is my first must have for preparing for the Upstate Kids Consignment Sale. I created a sample list for new moms that you can have. PRINT HERE.

Arrive early if you can to get a spot in line. Shopping bags are provided to use while shopping, but it's a great idea to bring something with you that rolls. This saves your shoulder from getting weighed down and also helps you stay organized. Rolling hampers, collapsible wagons, or even a stroller are great items to bring with you. These items will get tagged at the door for you.

When inside, the real fun starts! Everything is organized into categories and all clothing is separated by gender and by size so it's very easy to find everything you need. I would recommend starting with your larger items first like the swings, strollers, and portable cribs. Next, I move to the shoes. Then I turn my attention to the clothes. And last the toys, books and miscellaneous items. This order may not work best for you, but planning some order ahead of time will help make sure you make the most of your time. After you have chosen the items you want, take a moment to go back through and make sure there aren't any items you no longer want to purchase. While replacing these items, take a second look in each section you are returning to. Even if you decide to purchase all the items, it's always a good idea to run through a second time to make sure you didn't miss something. Someone else may have put back an item that you didn't see the first time around.

For large items, there is a holding area. This area is perfect for storing items that are too large to carry. A volunteer can help carry the item to the hold area and will then give you a ticket for that item. Make sure to keep that ticket in a safe spot and hand it to the cashier at checkout. While waiting to checkout be sure to check out the vendor tables. There are always great finds waiting for you near checkout!

My last tip is to come back!! I always come back to shop once or twice more during the sale and am amazed at the great items I overlooked the first time. And half price day is also a must!

Want even more time to shop? Become a seller or volunteer to shop early before the public.

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