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Upstate Kids is here to help facilitate the connection of busy moms who do not have enough time to sell with moms that are rockstars at selling and can offer the tagging service to them.  

  • How it works: 

    • Interested moms fill out a contact form on the website and Upstate Kids connects the seller to a tagging service provider.

    • The seller and tagger connect to coordinate item drop-off and remind the seller of details.

    • Tagger prepares and drops off items to sell at the event.

    • Tagger makes 25% of sales for in-person events and 30% for online events.

    • Tagger is responsible for their own supplies.

    • This is your own business and taggers who earn more than $600/year will be issued a 1099 form.

  • The time needed: Hours depend on how many sellers you tag for.

  • Location: 

    • Work from home Anderson, SC &/ or Greenville, SC Area. 

    • Participation in both online and in-person sales are required.  


  • Passion for helping busy moms.

  • Successful reseller history (does not have to be with our consignment sale). 

  • Knowledge of kid's resale items/pricing.

  • Strengths include:

    • Problem Solving: We have to adjust as we go and solve problems in a timely and caring manner.

    • Passion: Passionate about helping families declutter their house and bring in the extra $ they need to help reclothe their little ones.

    • Compassion: Know that moms need the connection with one another more now than ever.

    • Creativity: Thinks creative about how to relate to the needs of our sellers/ buyers.

    • Organization: Able to create and implement duties in a timely manner.

    • Space: Requires a well-lit workspace and adequate safe storage. 

    • Team Building: We work together as a team in everything we do. There is no I in our team! 

Weekly Look

  • Contact any new sellers that week that your given about tagging their items.

  • Meet up with your new seller and receive their items.

  • Go through each item and remove the items that we reject. Place each item into the computer system and print the necessary tags.

How to Apply

Are you ready to have fun and help others in the process?

To apply
1. Tell us why this job works for you!
2. Any previous clothing retail/resale experience?
3. Any previous experience that you will bring to this position?
4. Have you ever been or are you a part of a consignment sale/event.

Feel free to send any additional information you think we should know about you? We look forward to hearing from you.



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