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  • Part- Time 40-60 hours per in person EVENT week contract.

  • Location: Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC Area.

  • Assists with set up and take down during the in person event.

  • Manages the sale floor:

    • Keeping tract of which Volunteers arrives and who doesn't)​

    • Responsible to make sure the Floor Leaders are working with and monitoring any volunteer/ worker underneath them.

    • Works with the Floor Leaders to show each Volunteer/Working what is their designated area and how to keep it organized and clean.

    • Responsible to move and adjust workers/volunteers as needs arise in other areas.

    • Organizes and keeps areas clean throughout the event. 


  • Passion for one another.

  • Energetic

  • Ready to have fun helping others

  • Strengths include:

    • Problem Solving: We have to adjust as we go and solve problems in a timely and caring manner.

    • Passion: Passionate about helping families declutter their house and bring in the extra $ they need to help reclothe their little ones.

    • Compassion: Know that moms need the connection with one another more now than ever.

    • Creativity: Thinks creative about how to relate to the needs of our sellers/ buyers

    • Organization: Able to create and implement duties within a timely manner.

    • Hardworking: We work long hours on our feet during event weeks.

    • Team Building: We work together as a team in everything we do. There is no I in our team! 

In Person Event Week

  • We set up everything the first day which includes: clothing racks, organizational bins and totes, tables, signage, electronical devices, and SO much more!

  • Sellers bring their items in for drop off and will put their own items out in their locations.

  • Everything must be organized and well displayed so buyers can easily see what is available.

  • Unaccepted items are removed and placed in holding for pick up day.

  • Organization will continue throughout the entire week to make sure items are in their correct place and in a neat order.

  • The last day is half price sale and pick up. Sellers will pick up their items as buyers are still shopping. 

Are you ready to have fun helping others?

How to Apply



To apply, Tell us:
1.Why your interested in this job
2.Any previous clothing retail/resale experience?
3.Any previous experience that you will bring to this position?
4. Have you participated in a consignment sale/event before?
Feel free to send any additional information you think we should know about you? We look forward to hearing from you.

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