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Need help? 
We can connect you with
an experienced tagger! 

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The Scoop

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*Tag 4 U service is only for our In- Person sale events. No online sales*

We will connect you with a tagging service that will prepare, tag & drop off your items for you.  They will reach out and guide you through any questions you might have and set up a time to meet. At that point, they will be responsible to sell the items for you. You will earn 65% of your sales and be billed 25% by your tagger through Paypal.   

How to Prepare:

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ITEMS TO COLLECT Infant clothes (max 50 pieces), toddler & kid clothes clothing. Gather all your shoes, baby and maternity equipment, toys, games & puzzles, kid's accessories, and women's handbags. There is a minimum of 50 total pieces.

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NO undergarments. NO location or local school clothing, we only accept collegiate and professional sports. NO handmade clothing. NO items missing pieces or parts. NO recalled items. NO formal gowns. NO items without labels or sizes. NO stuffed animals. NO adult bedding. Unacceptable items will be donated.

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Items must be in good to excellent condition.  Items must be free of piling, fading, damages, rips, scuffs, tears, and smoke-free!  They must also be current styles that are less than 5 years old and have a retail price over $8 or combined to reach that value.  Unacceptable items will be donated.

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Write your name on your boxes/bags.  ANY containers sent with items WILL NOT be returned.  Drop items as discussed with your contact.

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Don't forget you receive seller presale privileges at any event you are selling in! Make sure you check your email for presale access. If you would like your unsold items back after the events, you will need to pick up or discuss with us.  If you have enough inventory it can be transferred to an upcoming event.


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