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​Shopping Online FAQ's

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  • Shopping for kids is not easy ESP shopping with them! SHOP from your phone while they are outside playing or napping is the way to go!

  • Shop from anywhere.  Whether you are on the couch, in bed, at the beach, in the car line, or at work as long as you have a phone/laptop you can shop! 

  • Shopping Cart- Items in your cart are still available for purchase by others until you actually check out so check out often. You can check out as many times are you want.

  • Minimal Order - $10 minimal order for check out.

  • Shipping is available at check out for kid's clothes, shoes, and shippable accessories. First order shipping is $14.95 & $5.95 for additional orders.  

  • "Discount Day" is Saturday and there will be 1000s of items marked half-price. You can still shop any unsold items that are not discounted as well.

  • Pick-Up is simple and easy. You simply drive to the pick-up location during pick-up hours and grab your order. We recommend checking your order before leaving as nothing can be refunded after leaving premise. If you have qs about your items please see an assistant before leaving.

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