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Ready to tame the Clutter Beast?

Don't waste your time selling on
buy-sell sites 
or at consignment stores.  

Sell it all @ Upstate Kids! 

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Upstate, SC

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Will never sell items one at a time again!

So glad I decided to try!  I have 3 kids and have tried selling on FB groups and apps and could not believe how much time it took to coordinate a $3 item! Your sale  helps me clear out twice a year   and I get fair prices for everything!  Thank you so much for helping families in the Upstate, I now buy AND sell all of my kids items here.  Look forward to volunteering this year, ready to start selling.  


Keep rocking it,

Sarah Blaney

First Time Seller


I wanted you to know how impressed I am by your seamlessly perfect process.  I was  a little hesitant to jump in   the saddle because I didn't allow myself enough time to "prepare" my items physically, although they were in great condition. 


Once I read through the materials again, I was excited!  Your website, pricing guide, helpful hints, and friendly staff made my experience wonderful!  I was so incredibly excited!  


I will  spread the word to other moms   who would also be impressed by what you've got going.  I have purchased items from you but never really paid attention to how you make it happen!  Best wishes in all of your future endeavors in the Upstate and BE BLESSED!!! 


All my best, 

Artrice W. Kinard

Buyer becomes Seller!

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing these sales have become to my own family.   I originally came to the sales only as a buyer,  but a few years ago started selling as well and have now come to depend on the income from these sales to outfit our 4 kids for the next season.  I really feel like God has used these events to provide for us and I am SO thankful (as a stay-at-home mom) for the opportunity to bring income into our family this way.  Each sale seems to surpass the last one... in fact last week I sold 256 of my 270 items and made over $500!  Just amazing!  So thank you-thank you-thank you for all your hard work in making these sales happen!!!  I just love it!

Thank you so much for your generosity to local charities,
Abbey Gropp, Anderson MOPS 

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