85% of all brand purchases are made by women, so take a minute to find out how your company can best target these fast-paced women on the move!! 

Exhibitor Opportunities:
Table space (6x6) $75,
Booth space (10 x 10) available in Anderson only $125


Market your family-friendly business or product by exhibiting in your own space during the event! Chairs will be provided and tables can be rented if needed. Upstate Kids allows only one vendor per company and only 1 product type per table. 

Promote your business with fliers: $35

Want to get the word out about your business? Have a special event? Upstate Kids will personally distribute 500 promotional fliers, coupons, ads or promotional material to the public in our shopping bags. Be creative! Great way to market to target your business to Upstate Parents! 


The deadline is one week prior to the sale starting.

Display Opportunity: $50

Can't find the time to be at the event?  We can display your company banner where 1000's of shoppers will see it and get attention! Banner needs to be dropped off and picked at the venue.