85% of all brand purchases are made by women, so take a minute to find out how your company can best target these fast-paced women on the move!! 

Vendor Opportunities:
Booth space (10 x 10) 
  • Greenville: Wed-Sun $100
  • Greenville: Sat only $50
  • Pendleton: Tues-Sat $100
  • Pendleton: Sat only $50

Banner Display Opportunity: $50

Can't find the time to be at the event?  We can display your company banner where 1000's of shoppers will see it and get attention! Company is responsible to provide 3M attachment hooks.  Click Here for hook options.


  • Greenville:

    • Drop off: Monday Mar 14th-Tuesday Mar 15th. (9-8)

    • Pick up: Sunday March 19 (5-9)

  • Pendleton:

    • ​Drop off: Monday April 18th (9-8)​
    • Pick up: Saturday April 23rd (5-9)​

**Banners not picked up by deadline will be donated**