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​Shopping FAQ's

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  • BYOB  Bring a bag or tote to shop with and bring items home.

  • Shopping for kids is not easy, especially WITH the kids. Try to schedule a play date or leave the kids at home so you can relax, shop, and focus on deals! 

  • Small bag w/Cash or Card  Your hands will be full, so leave that big handbag at home.

  • We do not accept checks, credit card fees are paid by the buyer, please use debit and we will cover the cost.  

  • We do check bags at the entrance & exit  Please do not be offended, we take security seriously. We suggest leaving your bags in the car.

  • Tagging your Stroller - As you enter, your stroller will be marked to show that it belongs to you.

  • Take only what YOU want.  Please only take off-the-rack items you intend to purchase.  If you change your mind put it back quickly so someone else can purchase it. Pretty, pretty please put the items back in the right size!

  • "Discount: YES" means the item will be discounted on the last day at 50% OFF.   "Donate: YES" means the item will be donated at the end of the sale if it is not sold.  

  • Big Items/Sold Area  We have a sold area to keep items until you are ready to check out. This is only for items you are ABSOLUTELY buying.  

  • Check and recheck-  Although we inspect items before they go on the sale floor, we miss things.  Most items are non-returnable, so make sure you inspect your items before purchasing.

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