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Open positions for Upstate Kids/KURB

Upstate Kids was founded in 2005 by a new mom, Kim Kelley, who wanted to make a difference in every family’s life. She knew that every mom needed a day out and desired to create an event that would be fun for them to escape their normal daily activities. They could come and interact with each other to make new connections and lifelong friendships. She knew all families would need to declutter their homes and need to buy necessary items for their children without breaking the bank. Why not do both?


She developed a company called Upstate Kids that specializes in consignment sale events. These events allow people to sell their items easily and safely.  Buyers could score deals & the community could help- it's a great win-win-win process! Parents sell items they no longer need, which in turn provides them with the money to purchase their current needs at an affordable price.


Celebrating over 100 events, Upstate Kids is still growing and has added an online marketplace to our business. This new concept allows you to sell AND shop from your couch,  then simply drive to pick up your order. Our business is always growing and looking for ways to improve for our customer's needs.

Current  Open Positions


We are based out of Anderson/Clemson, SC, with all our employees working from home with the exception of event weeks. Currently we have events that are in-person sales and online sales. We recently have branched out and added events in Greenville SC.

Our Mission is to:

* Help families get rid of what they don't need and purchase what they do need affordably. 

* Giving moms the community and involvement they need.

* Have fun while helping others.

We work as a team and elevate each others' work. We challenge each other to grow in and prioritize family, thriving relationships, personal health, and professional success.

Our core values include:


We are motivated and passionate about our company mission, and hungry to grow as individuals and increase our collective impact in the world.


We are deeply committed and take ownership over our area, while embracing collaboration with our exceptional team-mates.


We are creative problem-solvers, detail-oriented, and always looking to get even better at what we do.

Some people may say we are a little OCD and over-achievers but we love reaching our goals.


We are good communicators- present and always ready to help one another. Our door is always open for questions and suggestions.


We are humble, coachable, honest, and respect one another.


We are positive, healthy, empathetic, and fun! We want to bring joy to one another and leave filling more full than we came.

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