Preparing your Items to Sell

  • Clean & Check Quality

    •  Take time to wash, treat, iron and clean your items thoroughly!!

    • The better it looks, the better it will sell.  Have your items prepared prior to tagging, you will save lots of time. 

    • Try and group like items together to expedite typing 

  • Clothing

    • When clothes are placed on a hanger, the hanger should be facing left, like a question mark.

    • The ticket should be pinned to the right side when looking at the front of the garment.

    • Please use safety pins to attach the tickets.

    • Pants can be hung with pants clip hangers or safety pinned onto a regular hanger through the waistband ON THE TOP ANGLE.

    • Sets need to be well attached together. If a piece of the set is separated, it is very hard to find the match.

    • Snap it, Zip it, Button it up- it looks better!!

    • No holes or stains are accepted!!

    • No pills or fuzzies, please. Use a defuzzer-a great investment for the whole family.

    • For items over $15, please secure tape over safety pin on the tag.


  • Non-Clothing

    • Toys-Must be clean, have the pieces and work!!!  

    • Shoes are hung on a hook, so prepare as needed.  Tiny sizes can be placed in a bag with tag attached.  Larger sizes are the best cable tied or tied together.  All shoes must be in excellent condition.

    • Large items - Place tag in a visible location.  Attach tag securely.

    • Books- Tags must be attached to the top right corner. Please use gift wrap tape it helps prevent tearing.

    • For items over $15, please secure tape over safety pin on the tag.    


  • Check Recall Search page for any recalled items. Upstate Kids is not responsible for recalled items bought or sold.

  • If you have car seats they must be VERY clean and manufactured within the last 5 years.  Here is a form we require all sellers to fill out.  Car Seat History.

  • Items priced over $25 are guaranteed from loss if this form is filled out and checked by staff/volunteer.  Guarantee Form.

  • Be sure to check Accepted Items page for details.

  • Here is a Tagging Form if you find it easier to write the info down as you go.

Quick Tips

All hangers should look like a ? when you are facing it. Chose hangers that are large enough, that the items will not slip off. Tag should always be pinned on the upper right side of garment. 

Bottoms must either be hung on a bottoms hanger or pinned on the top angle of the hanger.

Multiple pieces can be sold as 1 tag. Make sure to put on your tag how many pieces. Taping the hangers together is the best way to keep them together. The back piece can also be flipped to face the back.

Putting tape over the safety pin is a great way to ensure the pins will not unhook and the tags will not come off. We ask that all items over $15 have tape over the safety pin.

Shoes need to be attached together, using cable ties, shoelaces or string. Please attach tag so shoppers can easily view price tag when hung on peg. Shoes must be in excellent condition. Many can be cleaned in the washing machine. Try Magic Eraser it does wonders.

Onesies that were bought in a bag, can stay in a bag. They sell better in groups or sets. Remember to price baby items very low!

Blankets need to be tagged and tied, put in a bag, or folded.

Group books and tie with string, bind with rubber bands or put in bags. Group books that are in the same reading level.Please use gift wrapping tape or painter's tape, they will not tear the cover.

Please attach pieces and parts VERY WELL. Secure the tag or tape on the inside of bag. Secure top of bag with tape! 

Small Items- Place in a bag and add a piece of cardboard or stiff material to inside.  This helps the item have SIZE and get seen by shoppers!