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Sale Floor


  • Part- Time  hours per in person EVENT week contract.

  • Location: Anderson, SC & Greenville, SC.

  • Assists with set up and take down during the in person event.

  • Work on the sale floor:

    • Responsible for making sure their designated area is clean, neat, and organized.

    • Responsible for working with any Volunteer assigned to their area- making sure they know what to do and how to perform their duties.

    • Assisting sellers and buyers throughout the week.



  • Passion for one another

  • Energetic

  • Strengths include:

    • Problem Solving: We have to adjust as we go and solve problems in a timely and caring manner.

    • Passion: Passionate about helping families declutter their house and bring in the extra $ they need to help reclothe their little ones.

    • Compassion: Know that moms need the connection with one another more now than ever.

    • Creativity: Thinks creative about how to relate to the needs of our sellers/ buyers

    • Organization: Able to create and implement duties within a timely manner.

    • Hardworking: We work long hours on our feet during event weeks.

    • Team Building: We work together as a team in everything we do. There is no I in our team! 

In Person Event Week

  • We set up everything the first day which includes: clothing racks, organizational bins and totes, tables, signage, electronical devices, and SO much more!

  • Sellers bring their items in for drop off and will put their own items out in their locations.

  • Everything must be organized and well displayed so buyers can easily see what is available.

  • Unaccepted items are removed and placed in holding for pick up day.

  • Organization will continue throughout the entire week to make sure items are in their correct place and in a neat order.

  • The last day is half price sale and pick up. Sellers will pick up their items as buyers are still shopping. 

How to Apply

Are you ready to have a blast while helping families get what they need.



To apply, Tell us:
1.Why your interested in this job
2.Any previous clothing retail/resale experience?
3.Any previous experience that you will bring to this position?
4. Have you ever been or are you a part of a consignment sale/event.
Feel free to send any additional information you think we should know about you? We look forward to hearing from you.

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