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Social Media Content Manager


Assist our team in leading our social media content including photo/ video development and editing, graphic design, posting on all social media platforms, etc. in both phone and laptop formats.  Advise our team in following the latest trends and social media access points.

  • Time: Part-Time 10-20 hours/week contract position with a flexible schedule at home or on the go.

  • Location: Remote within the USA (the company works on Eastern Standard Time)

  • Environment: You will be involved with a group of moms and women always learning new skills.

  • Compensation:  Discussed after selection.  


  • Has extensive knowledge of Facebook (posting, advertising, groups, stories & reels) and Instagram (posting, advertising, stories & reels) social media platforms.

  • Ability to edit videos and photos on both phone and laptop formats as well as create graphics to elevate our mission with a current aesthetic.

  • Must be familiar with Canva.

  • Strengths include:

    • Artistic: Must develop and maintain branding aesthetic.  

    • Passion for Resale:  A strong believer in sustainability,  helping families declutter their homes, and shopping kids resale.  

    • Compassion: Know that moms need the connection with one another more now than ever.

    • Attitude: A positive can-do attitude, a willingness to learn, and the understanding that the event business is time-sensitive.

    • Creativity: Thinks creative about how to relate to the needs of our sellers/ buyers.

    • Organization: Able to create and implement duties in a timely manner.

    • Fascinated by various platforms: Enjoys learning new skills, paying attention to new trends, and searching for new ideas.

A Week In Our life

  • Weekly recap meeting to evaluate the previous week's social media platforms.

  • Weekly meeting to plan and schedule the social media performances on Facebook and Instagram.

  • Discuss any new social media platforms and new trends.

  • Discuss the weekly graphic designs that are required.

  • Log planned marketing in Airtable platform.

  • Schedule approved media.  

How to Apply

Are you ready to have fun and help others in the process?

To apply
1. Tell us why this job works for you!
2. Submit a Reel for the opening of our spring sale to the email provided.
3. Feel free to attach additional work- Other reels, posts, and/or graphic designs you have created.

Feel free to call with questions, we look forward to hearing from you.  



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