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Tagging Service


  • Part- Time at home.

  • Location: Greenville, SC Area

  • Participates in each online Kurb and in-person UKIDS sale event for our Anderson and Greenville events.

  • Tag items for sellers who do not want to do it themselves. 

  • Personally Tags for as many sellers as you wish. When you are full you will pass along any new sellers to our other Busy Bee/VIP Taggers.

  • Meet seller and pick up items, place in computer, tag items, bring to location for drop off. 

  • ​Manages

    • Busy Bee/VIP Taggers- When you are full you will pass along the new sellers wishing for our service to the next available Tagger that is closest to their location. ​

    • Check in with the taggers to make sure they have made contact with their seller and check on process.

    • Reach out to new sellers who apply for our tagging service. Let them know the rules and requirements. If they agree and fit our service you will pair them with the next available tagger. 


  • Passion for one another

  • Previous activity with resale items

  • Previous seller is a plus but not requirement

  • Knowledge of resale items/pricing

  • Strengths include:

    • Problem Solving: We have to adjust as we go and solve problems in a timely and caring manner.

    • Passion: Passionate about helping families declutter their house and bring in the extra $ they need to help reclothe their little ones.

    • Compassion: Know that moms need the connection with one another more now than ever.

    • Creativity: Thinks creative about how to relate to the needs of our sellers/ buyers

    • Organization: Able to create and implement duties within a timely manner.

    • Space: Requires space to work and good lighting. 

    • Team Building: We work together as a team in everything we do. There is no I in our team! 

Weekly Look

  • Look at Airtable form- see if any new requests for our tagging service. 

  • Contact new requests and connect them with our next available tagger closest to their location.

  • Check in with Taggers to make sure they are doing their work properly or if they have any questions/needs.

  • Continue to work on your Sellers items -putting into the computer system and tagging.

How to Apply


Are you ready to have a blast while helping families get what they need.

To apply, Tell us:
1.Why your interested in this job
2.Any previous clothing retail/resale experience?
3.Any previous experience that you will bring to this position?
4. Have you ever been or are you a part of a consignment sale/event.
Feel free to send any additional information you think we should know about you? We look forward to hearing from you.


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